As a transwoman, Satanism has had a very strong positive influence on my life. When I discovered that there was a religion that didn’t reject me, I was overjoyed. TST community has not only accepted me with open arms, but they celebrate diversity and bodily autonomy.

Learning to love myself was difficult. Learning to celebrate myself, even harder so. After reading book after book on Satanism and taking part in events like “Black Mass”, it has become infinitely easier to understand and love myself, completely. Daily rituals of focus and self love have allowed me to concentrate on things that truly matter to me. Learning how to focus my empathy and compassion on those that deserve it, rather than wasting it on those that could never accept it, has been freeing.

The fight for justice and equality will always be paramount to me, and TST has helped me learn how to be more effective in these fights. Living life by seven fundamental tenets is difficult at times, but the reward is great. I live deliciously, love un-apologetically, embrace science with a prying mind and have a real place in my community AND religion.

Today is #UnveilingDay (Baphomet statue unveiling in Chicago July 25, 2015). It not only stands for the respect for diversity and religious minorities, but has ushered in a new Satanic era for everyone to see. I can only hope that Baphomet will serve to free countless minds and help us keep religion and government separated.

I am a Satanist. I am a transgender woman. I am proud and unbroken. Happy Unveiling Day! Hail Baphomet!


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