A Letter to: You

This will be a different kind of blog post than you are used to seeing from me. This time around, I just want to take a few minutes to update you on how my life is going, cover a few topics that may answer some questions and to wish you all the very best in the upcoming holiday season.

My personal life has actually been really great! I recently celebrated my first wedding anniversary with my wife, Catie and we both have a new girlfriend! To say that I am “blessed” is an understatement. I am able to dedicate large portions of my time to things I believe in and fulfilling my own dreams and goals. While things are never perfect, I am incredibly encouraged by how things seem to be going in that respect.

BaphoNet also recently had its first anniversary. The work that I do with the team of administrators is important and extremely rewarding; I get to see the Satanic community prosper, up close. I recently stepped aside as the sole spokesperson for BaphoNet and now share the duties with the other two co-founders. There was recently some fallout that affected BaphoNet over a mishandled fundraising campaign that cost BaphoNet’s merchandising line. I take sole responsibility for the loss and I am working tirelessly to correct the loss. I apologize deeply for the inconvenience and loss.

Another reason that I am stepping down my duties with BaphoNet some, is that I want more time to dedicate to TST endeavors that I am a part of. On that subject, I would like to make it abundantly clear: I am NOT a spokesperson nor do I speak for The Satanic Temple. I am a volunteer staffer working for TSTVHQ. I LOVE the work that I am able to do to help bring us all together during these trying times. VHQ has been an amazing journey and learning experience. I sincerely look forward to staffing it this December for Sol Invictus, alongside an amazing team of Witches.

January may seem like a long way off for many of us though. The lame duck President of the United States is very dangerous and causing the USA to be more and more divisive with each other. QAnon and MAGA crowds are all but the same at this point. Stay safe, folks. If you have the funds, I would suggest keeping a stock of non-perishables and a to-go bag. It is a good practice in any case but right now, a needle drop could set off a violent civil war. Do not engage these idiots online. There is NO benefit.

I know it has been an incredibly rough year, 4 years rather, but we CAN and WILL make it though. If we continue to follow the guidelines that The Satanic Temple have provided us in the Seven Tenets, we can help bring about lasting positive change in our world. I ask that you try to be patient but determined. Proud, but tactical minded. Compassionate, within reason.

I wish you the very best in the upcoming holiday season – Hail the Unconquered Sun! Stay warm, stay safe, hail Thyself, hail Satan!

With Love,
Aria deSatanas

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