Lovers in the Dark

The darkness enveloped her.

She lay in her bed, skin moist with sweat from the heat of the blankets and night air. Sleep would not come to her. The sheets rustled as she rolled over for the sixth time, disturbing the figure next to her.

“Are you okay my love?” a soft voice whispered from the dark.

“Yes babygirl, I just can’t sleep, again” she returned exhaustively.

The soft voice belonged to the Sleepless One’s partner, awoken by her lovers malady. The lovers rolled over to face one another, seemingly in unison, and embraced each other gently. The embrace was hot, clammy and sticky, but neither woman cared. They held each other for what seemed like ages as the night sounds rang out, a symphony in the dark.

As they separated from the embrace, the Sleepless One reached out to caress her lover’s face. Her lover accepted it with a gentle sigh and returned the caress in kind. Her hands did not stop at the face, however. The Lover had been awoken from her slumber and would be satiated. Her hands began the exploration of the sweat stricken body of her lover, bringing moans of satisfaction from the Sleepless One.

The night fell silent as the lovers embraced passionately and explored each other with hands, mouths and sex. The darkness blanketed their naked bodies as the night’s silence was pierced with their moans of ecstasy and climax. Afterwards, the Lover whispered to her Sleepless lover…

“If you can’t sleep, I shall stay up with you, holding your hand until the dawn breaks.”

They embraced again and continued to frolic on into the night. Loneliness was not welcome in this bed. The two lovers rested, covered in sweat and sex. They spent what seemed like an eternity staring faintly into each other’s eyes as they shared sweet truths with each other in soft conversation.

They embraced again and whispered gently to each other, “Hail Satan and Hail Us, marry me now and forever!”. They laid against each other as they both drifted off gently into the depths of their own dreams.


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