Year One: Luciferian Age of Reason

I have chosen to use my own calendar from this point forward. Everything is made up, so the current measure of time and language used can easily be subverted to serve my needs and desires. I may add more to these, but I find simplicity more appealing than rigidity and over-structuring.

I have dropped the traditional month and day names for words that can better focus me to be the person I want to be. Below are all the dates I choose to celebrate, religiously.

iustitiae – Justice Month

New Year’s Day – A day of rest and recovery. Meditate on the year ahead and set short-term and long-term goals.

Religious Freedom Day – A day to celebrate the freedoms of the individual or community, in public or private, to manifest religion or belief in teaching, practice, worship, and observance. Feasting and rituals are common ways to observe this day.

misericordia – Compassion Month

Lupercalia – An ancient festival of purification. This can be celebrated by following your desires and feasting. Wolves.

libertatem – Liberty Month

Spring Equinox – A time to celebrate astronomy and nature. This can be celebrated by feasting, stargazing and nature walks.

scientia – Science Month

Arbor Day – Celebrated by planting trees. Our Earth is in need of our curation, be active in nature on this day. Plant a tree[s].

Hexennacht – A solemn holiday to honor those who were/are victimized by superstition. Rituals and meditation are common practice on this day.

ratio – Reason Month

National Day of Reason – A day to counter “National Day of Prayer’ that non-believers celebrate freethought. Celebrations of autonomy, food drives, and blood donations are common practice.

Summer Solstice – A time to celebrate astronomy and nature. This can be celebrated by feasting, stargazing and nature walks. The longest day of the year, celebrations of the Sun are common.

sexualitatis – Sexuality Month

World Humanist Day – A day for spreading awareness of Humanism as a philosophical life stance and means to effect change in the world. Publishing works of humanist philosophy or protesting Theocracy is common practice.

Unveiling Day – The Baphomet with Children statue was commissioned by The Satanic Temple in 2014 and created by Mark Porter with “respect for diversity and religious minorities” in mind. On July 25, 2015, The Satanic Temple unveiled Baphomet to a large crowd of devotees in Detroit, signaling the beginning of the new Satanic era.

rebellionis – Rebellion Month

Disobedience Day – A day for civil or social disobedience as an act of protest against theocratic overreach.

pax – Peace Month

Black Cat Awareness Day – A day to adopt or raise awareness to the plight in which Black Cats find themselves. Often victims of superstitious hate and maltreatment, Black Cats are the most commonly abused animal.

mortem – Death Month

Autumnal Equinox – A time to celebrate astronomy and nature. This can be celebrated by feasting, stargazing and nature walks.

Blasphemy Day – A day for celebrating the freedoms of blasphemy.

Luciferum – Lucifer’s Month

Coming Out Day – A day for LGBTQ+ individuals to “Come out”. Be loud, be proud, be you.

Halloween – A day to celebrate indulgence and embrace the darkness and its aesthetic. Costumes, candy, and facing fears are to be embraced.

luna – Moon Month

Veteran’s Day – A day to thank those who have served in the world’s’ militaries. Commonly celebrated by buying a meal for a Veteran.

Church/State Separation Week – A day to celebrate the United States separation of Church and State. Often marked by protests and Ritual.

solis – Sun Month

Krampusnacht – A day for revelry and gift/card sending. Scaring [pranks] bad children is an option.

Winter SolsticeThe longest night of the year. A celebration of the Earth and Moon. Feasting and cold harvests are common.

Sol Invictus – A Celebration of being unconquered by superstition and consistent in the pursuit and sharing of knowledge. Feasts, music and gift giving!

New Year’s Eve – A day to reflect upon the past year. Rituals of celebration and destruction are common. Drink, feast, be merry.

So, if you see me celebrating these days and want to join me, ALL are welcome! Thanks for reading!

Ave te Ipsum – Ave Satanas!

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