The first time I met you was just over a year ago. We were mortal enemies at first. You were very protective of Mama Catie at first, so you had to make sure I was safe to be around her and your brother, Patience. I get it. Also, I just couldn’t resist rubbing that pudgy belly of yours.

After several days of being around you (and spoiling you with treats when Catie wasn’t looking) we became friends. Remember the time we took a shower together? You laid your head on my shoulder and purred for 5 minutes… and then mauled me and jumped out. I will miss those antics, Jordi.

We will always remember those times. Watching you run outside and roll over for belly pats on the porch. Sitting in the grass, always too slow to catch the bird or squirrel you hunted. And of course, your lemon tree. In every season you would find your way under the low hanging branches only to sprawl out in the shade to nap or watch the goings on. It was your backyard. No creature dare bother you under your tree.

And boy could you eat. If there were treats or wet food around, you would be right there meowing your raspy rowl until you got something yummy. From stealing our hot wings and chicken, to diving head first into a bottle of treats, you just really LOVED food.. Remember this, big guy?

From mischief with your brother to antics with your sister, we had such a great time knowing each other. You were a daily light to our lives and will continue to live on in our hearts and minds until we ourselves pass on.

We may never know what caused your ailment and sudden demise, but you were brave and strong through it, right to the end. It gives us some peace knowing your were pain free, purring and happy, at the end. You rest under your tree forever now and one day you will become part of it. We promise to keep you healthy and maybe someday another dear friend will call your tree home as well.

“Death leaves a heartache no one can heal
Love leaves a memory no one can steal”

You are already sorely missed. We have and will always love you. Farewell our dearest Jordache, prince of felines and king of our hearts.

😢 😔 💔 🐈

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