What is Life?

In part, it is struggle or better yet, “The Struggle”. 

To struggle, is to live. Whether it be a struggle of the heart, the mind or the body, it keeps us alive, gives us purpose within ourselves and as a community, a race, a species. 

When we stop struggling to better ourselves, to learn, to find joy, to grow, we become stagnant and start the slow inevitable march toward death, in earnest. Struggle for life. If you are alive, here and now, you are free. You are the only power over yourself. If you are enslaved: Survive, Evade, Resist, Escape! 

I truly believe that all current evidence points to a high probability that there is NO afterlife. This is all we get; this one, short blink of an existence. This is not to speak of any supernatural entities or beings, as there is no empirical evidence of their existence either. That is one very common premise in religious paths that follow a deity[s]: Faith is the only way to “the eternal”. 

So we must all struggle, in our own ways. From privileged to unhoused community members, we follow our own paths and can only create our own happiness by struggling for it and by mastering our perception through willful manipulation. By this I simply mean, there are a million ways to see any given situation: We can learn to choose which way we respond to most of these. Emotions are not always predictable and should never be caged like a feral beast. 

Let your questions be heard, your informed and credible research be seen by the masses. Struggle to free yourself, struggle to free the masses by helping others along the way. Empathy and compassion can almost always be more useful than apathy and hatred.  That struggle is often an internal one: showing reason, compassion and empathy when dealing with a perceived opponent. Learning to master that will make one wiser and often more successful in negotiation and oratory. 

Struggle is exhausting. We require rest and respite and should take it anytime we need it. Indulging in your desires is just another part of “The Struggle”. You work fifty hours a week to make sure you have a shelter that has power and water and the amenities you need to enjoy the rest and respite. Life is often “Equal and Opposite”, but not always. 

No matter what, never stop struggling. If you are at the top, struggle to bring others up beside you. If you are at the bottom, struggle to find joy and a way out of the situation you are in, no matter how difficult and dangerous it may be. To struggle, is to live. 

Live. Struggle. Take what is yours.

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