The Systematic Dehumanization of Transgender People

Transgender people have been under siege for the entirety of their existence. In the past century, “Transphobia”, or “dislike of or prejudice against transsexual or transgender people.” has skyrocketed in almost every aspect.

From the early years of filmmaking, trans people have been depicted as sexual objects and misrepresented as “crossdressers” or mental ill. A recent Netflix documentary hosted by Laverne Cox, “Disclosure“, highlights many of these films and their tragic effect on society’s view of transgender people. In addition to film, some of the most popular songwriters have written damaging lyrics to trans folks.

With the information flow on transgender people very low in the 1900s, aside from movies, music and television, the majority of society shifted from not knowing trans people exist to “trans people do exist but they are all prostitutes and/or mentally ill.” With this social indoctrination, generations of people were conditioned to NOT accept trans people as they are.

Major religions have been extremely damaging to the overall view and health of transgender people. The Catholic church has long spoke out against any and all LGBTQIA+ individuals, but have taken special interest in restricting trans people from their communities and even donated to Anti-transgender activist organizations. Until recently, it was rare to find any Christian, Islamic or Jewish houses of worship that openly accepted trans people in their congregations.

Politics have long stayed clear of transgender issues up until recently. As access to trans information and the explosion of social media, people were rapidly becoming aware of a different narrative than they had been taught for generations. With this surge of information and reconciling of lies spinned, politicians have revved up their gears on either side of the debate.

The conservative playbook generally aligns with the Christian church in matters of LGBTQIA+ individuals, so they are vehemently anti-trans biased. The liberal playbook generally aligns with popular opinion, which up until recently, was mostly neutral to trans folks.

Over 50% of the states legislatures are considering anti-trans legislation right now. Several have already passed the houses and senates and are soon to become state laws. Even debating these bills publicly cause irrevocable harm to trans people across the nation.

In conclusion, we are at a precipice of segregation and creating a “subhuman” class of individuals. Transgender people are people. They are strong, driven and know themselves better than anyone else on Earth. Confront narratives that dehumanize trans people and never back down to bigotry. Lives depend on it.

Trans rights are human rights.

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