A Satanist Does Not Despair

The world around us is always changing. Change is natural, but may not always be good for YOU. When we allow external change to affect us internally, we may fall into a state of despair. The loss of hope, drive and self-confidence is devastating and can be tough to recover from, especially when alone. Can we, as Satanists, overcome despair before it alters our path?

The year is 2022, the world is being torn apart by several ongoing wars, the United States is banning abortions, Trans people and trying to erase its racist past. On top of this, Global Warming has accelerated and we are ever-nearing points of no return. There is a lot of negative aspects to ruin our days, so how can we protect ourselves from losing hope in a future, and present, that is both appealing and productive?


Satanic ritual varies widely and can always be personalized for an individual or group. Observing a personal ritual practice can help us focus on our goals and reduce stress in the process. A ritual can be as simple as observing silence, looking inward and focusing on one’s breathing and on the targets of the day. This simple meditation can help block out some of the days negativity.

When we find ourselves upset, beyond a “FUCK YOU”, a Destruction Ritual can help us vent that anger and frustration out in a healthy environment and way. Instead of seeking direct revenge and possibly getting into trouble, one can simple use a stand in; A model, picture, etc., to release one’s rage upon. One can then prepare a reasoned and fair reply to the offending party.

Group ritual can be empowering in a community. The ritual itself can be empowering, but add the aspect of doing it alongside one’s peers and it gives everyone in attendance a feeling of belonging. The feeling of community can avert some negative feelings and provide a person with a generally more hopeful outlook, as they are not “in it alone”.

Hail Thyself

Focusing intently on one’s own success, is foundational in a Satanists practice and life. If we find ourselves taking on too much, we need to sharpen our focus and prioritize the tasks that we have the energy and time for. Over-commitment is a common issue with folks living in capitalist society, so a Satanist must take care to only commit to that which they can accomplish. One secret to success is to have a very narrow path, focusing intently on less, rather than absorbing a little about a lot.

When the stress of the workplace, politics and social issues hit us, we tend to shirk on our responsibilities to ourselves. We forget to eat right, get our much-needed sleep and exercise is all but forgotten as we search for pleasure in TV fantasies and online gaming. Part of “Hail Thyself” is to keep oneself healthy, as a Satanist does not believe in “eternal life”. We must endeavor to live full and long lives, as we only get to live the one. Staying aware of our diets, exercise regimen and limiting screen time, can drastically help one stay healthy, physically and emotionally.

Do Unto Others

When we DO get on social media, we should limit ourselves so we don’t overload our minds with too much mindless crap. If we do see death, destruction or hateful things, don’t just scroll on by. Take time to connect with the pain of others and respond in kind. If it is an attack on you personally, think before replying, or ignore attacks completely. Ignore and Block are handy features, especially for Satanists [Christians love to evangelize to Satanists and Witches] Follow accounts that align with your beliefs and those accounts that do not, on a list so they don’t bog up your timeline.

When reading stories online, we often are seeing things through a blurry lens. It’s incredibly important to you, as a reader, to read an article like a researcher: Any claims made should be “googled” and verified across several sources, the author should be looked up for biases and the main topic/assertions should be compared to other sources. If we do this, we are much less likely to be fed misinformation that could possibly be more upsetting than the truth.

Propaganda should be avoided at all costs. If you find something that looks like a paid ad, false, or misleading, report it and block it.

Satanic Values

A Satanist has morals and values that would seem almost humanist. A satanist is honest, science driven, reasoning, compassionate where deserved, environmentally conscience and strong-willed. These values lead allow many Satanists to keep their heads above those around them because they’re surrounded by folks with a lesser understanding of the natural world, so it is easy to rise above.

Seeking knowledge, helping those who deserve it and keeping our world clean may seem like small things, but in a world of apathy and misinformation, the Satanist is the beacon of hope. Satanists are self-empowered and can draw on themselves in the dark times, to be one’s own hope – “I’ve made it this far in life, with everyone against me, nothing can stop me, not even this [insert world issue].”

In the end, despair will affect every human at one time or another, but a Satanist is much more well-equipped to handle adversity than others. Stand strong, stay focused, Hail Thyself.

Ave Satanas, Ave te Ipsum!

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