The Left-Hand Path: Not a Straight Line

Like many before me, I walk a very individualized “Left-Hand path”. But what does that even mean? What is a “left hand path?” To oversimplify it for blog purposes, it is a lifestyle and/or religious path that centers on the occult, Satanic imagery and metaphorical representations, witchcraft etc.

Part of walking this path in life is finding what philosophies fit your personal needs and desires. If you find empowerment in something, to only later resent it, it is still part of your journey. Take the positive experiences in one hand and LEARN from the negative ones so to not repeat them.

Remaining true to reason, science and compassion is a hard path to take in the 2020’s. Not all left hand paths are the same, but my path is one that follows a set of rational ethos. I used to follow a set of Satanic tenets, which I still derive empowerment from to this day. Many things can offer us empowerment if we remove ourselves from the equation and absorb the knowledge before us.

A left hand path is one of constant evolution. Gaining knowledge through reading, experience and paying-the-fuck-attention is what a left-hand individual lives and breathes. This lifestyle and thought process forces the practitioner to evolve or “adapt to survive”. With the constant pursuit of knowledge, we are able to shape our own views and our personal perspective to be much more accurate and precise.

Don’t let yourself be boxed in by one set of philosophical rules. Read and deeply ponder many ideas to create your own rhythm in life. The left-hand path is YOUR path, not the path any “god” or authority figure lays for you. It is a path of your own choosing Hail thyself, Hail Satan!


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