The Modern Satanist: Where Do I Belong?

For many years when someone talked about Satanists, it was assumed that they were part of the Church of Satan. The Church of Satan was founded in 1966 by Anton Szandor LaVey and is still one of the largest Satanic organizations in existence. But as time passed, more groups have popped up, some with new progressive ideas and others that are more sinister in nature.

But as a self-identified Satanist, do we HAVE to belong to any group? Ultimately the answer to that question is: “No. Satanism is a self-defined practice that proclaims the highest power to be “Self” and to reject any power that attempts to command oneself against one’s will.” Satanism can come in many forms, though certain Satanic scholars will argue that point. Some Satanists believe in a personal Satan while other’s, arguably the majority, define Satan as a literary character that embodies Autonomy, Science, Power and Freedom/Rebellion.

No matter what your Satanic philosophy may be, humans are by nature, social beings. We seek like-minded individuals to congregate with and to befriend. So, where can we find these Satanic meeting places and groups? As mentioned above, The Church of Satan [CoS] has a plethora of information on how to become a member and how to get involved in your own Satanic practices. CoS is an atheistic Satanic church. But don’t worry, if they aren’t your cup of tea, there are plenty more to check out! Here’s a list of organizations I would recommend looking into yourself to decide if it’s your “Satanic home”:

I. The Global Order of Satan
“The Global Order of Satan is a progressive, independent, non-theistic Satanic ministry with Orders around the world. We promote Satanic ideals, encourage elevation of the self, and challenge the oppression of hegemonic religions.”

II. Coven of Satan Ministries
“Covenism is most closely described as an agnostic Left-Hand religious path. Covenists are diverse as are their personal beliefs and intentions. Covenism brings these many individual paths and beliefs and guides them with the Ethos.”

III. Satanic Delco
“We are an independent congregation, while we are an independent congregation, we align with the 7 Fundamental Tenets of The Satanic Temple.”

IV. Music City Satanists
“Music City Satanists is a group of Politically Aware, Socially Active, Justice Seeking, Non-Theistic Satanists in the Greater Nashville Area. WE are not affiliated with any specific group, nor wish to be.”

V. Noosa Temple of Satan
“The Noosa Temple of Satan is a religious organization dedicated to the celebration and promotion of Satanism in Australia. We emphasize the virtues of free-thinking and rebellion against Christian authority. Satanists are free thinkers so we don’t refer to supporters as “followers”. Satanists are engaged in a battle against tyranny so to call our supporters “members” seems a little understated. We like to think of our supporters and fellow Satanists as “collaborators”.”

VI. Reno Satanic
“We are a non-theistic/atheist group that does not believe in an actual Satan or God. We are not a Chapter of nor affiliated with The Satanic Temple, but we believe strongly in their Seven Tenets. We have no relationship with Satanist groups such as the Church of Satan or the Temple of Set.”

VII. Satanic Bay Area [This group ONLY serves the NorCal area]
Founded in 2015 (as Satanic San Francisco), Satanic Bay Area promotes atheistic religion, left-wing political action, and supportive Satanic community for members and non-members alike. We believe in the Seven Tenets of the Satanic Temple, but we are not a TST chapter and have no direct affiliation with them. We have no relationship with SF-based Satanist groups like the Temple of Set or old Church of Satan. Satanists and non-Satanists of all stripes are free to join us as long as they support our ideals. Through the myth of Satan and related art and folklore, we find inspiration to challenge arbitrary authority, denounce toxic and damaging social prejudices, express ourselves through art and activism, and create authentic religious community for atheists and secular-minded people.

Now, there are still more institutions that promote Satanic values but also have some problematic issues. I’ll let the reader decide. Please check the superscript numbering for more information and evidence surrounding each organization.

VIII. The Satanic Temple1
“The Mission Of The Satanic Temple Is To Encourage Benevolence And Empathy, Reject Tyrannical Authority, Advocate Practical Common Sense, Oppose Injustice, And Undertake Noble Pursuits.”

IX. Joy of Satan2
Joy of Satan Ministries advocates “Spiritual Satanism”, an ideology that presents a unique synthesis of Theistic Satanism, Nazism, Gnostic Paganism, Western esotericism, UFO conspiracy theories and extraterrestrial beliefs.

So, Reader, I have given you plenty to investigate but bear in mind: As a Satanist, you belong anywhere you want to. Follow your heart, reason and practice compassion and gratitude to those whom deserve and reserve your wrath for you enemies. If at the end of your organizational research you find that you would rather study Satanism and the occult than join any group, feel free to check out my long list of Satanic resources: Here.

Ave te Ipsum, Ave Satanas!

Be yourself, nobody else can!


1The Satanic Temple has undergone many changes due to inadequate leadership and has many questionable ties. You can find lots of information HERE. Always research, for “Satanism is not about worship, it is about study”. [LaVey]

2 The Joy of Satan Ministries has a long history of anti-Semitic beliefs and a connection to a former chairman of the National Socialist Movement, an American Neo-Nazi organization.

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